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We Currently have a 'very' long lead time on engines, we have decided to temporarily suspended internet shop orders but are happy to add you to out list and we will get in touch when we have the engine you require in stock.

Thankyou for your understanding.

A showmans kit comes with easy to follow written instructions & diagrams, hints & tips booklet on running the engine. We are more than happy to offer advise regarding the painting & building of your engine. You don't need any special tools or machinery, A small round needle file for opening up some holes and small screw drivers are all you need. On average it takes round 8 hours to build a showmans, not including painting. (get in touch for an accurate lead time).

A showmans Painted kit comes with exactly the same as the above Kit & painted in your chosen colours, we will contact you regarding colours once your order is placed, lining is available as an extra, to add please see our optional extras section. Please get in touch for an accurate lead time.

Ready to run engines are fully painted in your chosen colours, We will contact you regarding colours once your order is placed. lining is available as an extra, to add this please see our optional extras section. The engine comes with a hints & tips booklet on running. Please get in touch for an accurate lead time.

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D.R.Mercer Showmans: Careers
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D.R.Mercer Showmans

Available as a kit, painted kit or ready to run.

The showmans engine is fitted with traditional English style flat spoked wheels similar to those on most full sized traction engines you see on the rally field. This engine is supplied with a solid flywheel, pressure gauge, belly tanks (water tanks), roof canopy, dynamo perch and decorative chimney extensions which lies flat clipped onto the canopy roof & a decorative star embossed gear guard. The dynamo and lighting kit are optional extras. There are a number of optional extras suitable for the showmans engine.

D.R.Mercer Showmans: Products
    D.R.Mercer Showmans: Product Gallery

    Optional Extras & Sundries

    Many of these are suitable for the D.R.Mercer Showmans engine, but check description first.

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    D.R.Mercer Showmans: Welcome
    D.R.Mercer Showmans: Product Gallery

    showmans engine gallery

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    D.R.Mercer Showmans: Gallery
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