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UGEARS, Baloon Air Powered

Pneumatic Engine

Flat pack wooden kits, made in the Ukraine to an excellent & durable quality. Come with easy to follow instructions, no glue or screws required.

  • The pneumatic motor is a small version of a fully functional model of a steam engine, which is operated by blowing into a specific socket or by using a normal air balloon. The air propels the pneumatic engine and it starts!

  • An air pressure tachometer is integrated into the design for correct measurement of working speed

  • All parts are made of plywood that enhances longevity – you don’t have to worry about them getting corroded or rusted.

  • No drill, screwdriver or any other tool required for assembling. In fact, you don’t need glue either.

The mechanical kit comprises precision produced parts that are carefully checked and packaged before being delivered, so you can rely on UGears. If you are passionate about building models of trains, engines and similar then this miniature will be a great addition to your collection. 

Material - plywood.

  • Size Model: 6.5*3*3.5in (165*77*90mm)

  • Package size: 14.6*6.7*1.2in (37*17*3cm)

  • Number of parts: 81 

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UGEARS Air Engine: Products
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